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Loopveltweg 38
3645WK Vinkeveen


Road2Results grows your business by transforming your commercial organization. We implement advanced CRM solutions of BPM'Online to enable a high performing commercial organization. We make sure you have the right talents to prepare your commercial organization for the future. Think big, act small and implement agile. 

About us

About us

Road2Results is a niche boutique focussed on commercial transformation with business results. We started back in 2005 and have a network organization of 20+ consultants and offices in The Netherlands and Germany. Road2Results and Xelero joined forces as of January 1, 2017.

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The managing partners and owners of Road2Results are Jord Koot and Roeland van Delzen. . 

Jord Koot
Managing partner


Motto: "making myself redundant tomorrow in what needs to be done today"

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Roeland van Delzen
Managing partner


Motto: "always change a winning team"



We are business partner of Visual Management company Target Process. We can help you implement and roll-out the Target Process as your visual management platform. Road2Results implemented agile account management best-practices in Target Process and make this version available to customers.