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Road2Results grows your business by transforming your commercial organization. We implement advanced CRM solutions of BPM'Online to enable a high performing commercial organization. We make sure you have the right talents to prepare your commercial organization for the future. Think big, act small and implement agile. 

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Agile Account Management

Additional business growth up to 125% with agile account management. Transform your sales and marketing organization and create business agility. Add value to your customer by strategic account management. Grow your business with key account management. Implement advanced CRM platforms like bpm’online and salesforce to realize your digital transformation.

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Up to 125% business growth with Agile Account Management


What's new & different and why is agile account management so effective?

"Show me the money"

We believe goal alignment is critical for business success. Implementing Agile Account Management will help you to achieve commercial alignment in your organization. The teams should focus on solving important operational issues, meet their targets and identify and close growth opportunities.  It ensures that individuals and teams know how their contribution fits in with the 'Big Picture' and  how to turn strategic goals into measurable business outcomes . With everyone working together towards the same objectives, your company will be able to execute strategy faster, and deliver next level results with more flexibility and adaptability. 

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Develop your customer base

Everybody knows that developing your existing customer base is by far the most effective way to grow your business. Doing this succesfully requires going beyond selling the functional value of your product and services. To adapt to the ever quicker changing customer needs, by learning how to solve your customer's problems and how to add value to their business strategy. Our agile approach to account management provide you with a structured and systematic way to identify and materialize the potential of each customer relation.

Create customer value

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The way customers buy changed dramatically in the last 5-10 years. If you want to grow your  business, you have to do more than sell your product and services to your customer. Many organizations expect you to contribute to their business results , i.e. to generate or save €/$, reduce FTE and deliver time savings. Other companies expect their key suppliers to contribute to their business strategy, i.e. to help them to position themselves in the market and created competitive edge. 
Key is to identify which customers expect more than the functional value of your products/services and for which customer there are opportunities to add business- and organizational value. Our Value Tower helps you to develop a multi-level value proposition based on co-creation and co-development with your customer.

Work smarter by focussing on account conversion

Commercial teams can accelerate business results by focussing on converting accounts to the next possible level. Not so much by increasing the effort, but rather by working smarter and more focussed. We help you to execute a differentiated go-to-market strategy based on three customer approaches:


The goal is to have a business partnership to create business- and organizational value by executing strategic projects and implement solutions based on co-development and co-creation.

The goal is create more volume through cross/upselling based on a volume agreement with the customer or to find opportunities to sell specific solutions with a high business impact to the customer.

The goal is to develop the bread and butter of your organization by continue to sell the unique functional value of your products and services to targeted customers while identifying opportunities for further growth.

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Agile account planning

Account planning should be a ongoing effort based on customer contact and not a once-a-year excercise. The "right" account plan is being developed over the course of all customer meetings and contacts, and should be adjusted accordingly. All effort of the commercial teams should be focussed on getting traction to evolve the account to the next account stage. The progress and required effort are to be continuously assessed.

Our Agile Commercial Academy provides you with required training and coaching to develop the agile account management competences of your commercial teams.

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Multi-disciplinary teams

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One team - One goal !

Agile Account Teams derive much of their effectiveness by pulling on the multi- disciplinary skills and experiences required to drive business growth. Marketing delivers qualified leads based on targeted marketing campaigns which help account teams to get in contact with the right customer stakeholders about the right subjects. While product specialists and delivery are involved to assure products, services and solutions match the market/customer needs and the appropriate functional-, business- and organizational value is being delivered.

Account teams are supported by teams which take care of proposition development, professional competence development, process enablement and performance governance.

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Agile Scrum sprints

Success today requires the agility and drive to continuously assess and respond to new insights. The agile way of working therefor fits-like-a-glove with the team's daily working practices as each customer contact can take them from "euphoria" to "panic" and vice-versa. Agility is the core of commercial teams. In one day we train and prepare your teams to start sprinting the next day. Step by step we guide them from "doing agile" to truly living an agile mindset. During the journey, following the principal of experiential learning our highly experienced product owners and scrum masters will gruadually hand-over their tasks to your own internal product owners and scrum masters.



Visual Management platform

We have implemented our agile best-practices in the NextGen Agile tooling of Target Process and make this available for our customers. Thereby minimum learning curves and implementation costs, while optimizing emloyee adoption and -usage. As a business partner of Target Process we can support you to tailor this powerful Visual Management tooling to optimally support your agile teams or scaled agile organization or to implement business agility.

bpm'online BPM+CRM platform

Seamless co-operation between sales, marketing and product specialists/delivery is not possible without a next generation business process management platform. This is where bpm'online CRM- platform excells. We have implemented our Agile Account Management best-practices in bpm'online and make this available to our customers. These out-of-the-box best-practices require zero configuration and enable instant implementation. We make sure your teams can grow your business with NextGen CRM support from day one. Marketing focusses on implementing marketing campaigns that generate qualified leads for your commercial teams to drive account conversion. While management is provided with a clear dashboard to review progress.

Interested in a demo of the Road2Results bpm'online best-practice? Don't hesitate to contact us.

If you want a demo of the Road2Results bpm'online implementation please contact us.


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