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Road2Results grows your business by transforming your commercial organization. We implement advanced CRM solutions of BPM'Online to enable a high performing commercial organization. We make sure you have the right talents to prepare your commercial organization for the future. Think big, act small and implement agile. 

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Agile implementation

Think big, start small, implement agile

A commercial transformation requires a flexibel, business driven approach to ensure the business develops and organizational change is implemented at the same time. We developed a practical agile implementation method which proved to be vital to the success of many of our assignments. 

When to implement agile?

  • dynamic business environment
  • dynamic business priorities
  • bad track record with big organizational changes
  • probable impact on formation
  • bottum-up commitment of team is important

Business case agile vs traditional transformation:

  • 34% higher success rate of the transformation

  • 32% lower implementation costs

  • 52% higher employee satisfaction about the change process
  • 41% faster implementation

When we engage in a commercial transformation we use the following three stages:

Stage 1: Analysis of current business situation and constraints

This provides a common view on the starting situation, business ambitions, what is already good and what needs to be changed. Such providing you with:

  • The  insight needed to take a well-informed go/no-decision and, in case of a go, 
  • The mutual commitment to deliver upon both business ánd transformation results.  

Stage 2: Development of a shared end-state vision and implementation back-log

In today’s fast changing environment traditional long-term business planning is time consuming, costly and inadequate. Instead we help you to develop a practical vision that aligns all stakeholders and sets the direction for Agile implementation. Together we will: 

  • Refine the targeted end state (1-2 years out) in terms of the 4P’s of Performance, Proposition, Process and Professionals 
  • Define the transformation each of these will have to undergo (Backlog), and determine the quarterly value release points in terms of required business results and change. (Plateau planning)

Stage 3: Agile implementation

In this stage we are focussed on delivering business results while concluding successful transformation iteratively via sprints. 

  • A sprint planning is conducted to plan ahead and to obtain team commitment
  • Daily stand-ups are used throughout the sprint to coordinate the work and keep the team focused on the sprint goals.
  • A Sprint Review is conducted at the end of the sprint to assess the work done during the sprint and demonstrate the completed work. 
  • A sprint retrospective is conducted so that the appropriate adjustments can be made when planning the next sprint and quarterly each plateau will be evaluated.
  • As such we help you actively to deliver improved results in your ever evolving business environment, in a manner that demonstrates visible, predictable progress toward your business priorities.

Monitoring progress

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During the transformation we monitor how the organization perceives the changes as it progresses. There are four aspects that we monitor:

  • MUST: is the sense-of-urgency clearly communicated?
  • WANT: how does the intrinsic motivation of individuals en teams evolve?
  • CAN: is there enough support to make the transformation?
  • DO: to what extend are we actually doing things different, more often or better?

The outcome provides us with valuable insight allowing us to make the appropriate Agile adjustments to make the transformation successful.

Making ourselves redundant asap

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Our main focus is to deliver a successful transformation with the expected business results. This usually takes 1 year. During the transformation the role of Road2Results decreases as our role is taken over by your organization in a managed process.