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Road2Results grows your business by transforming your commercial organization. We implement advanced CRM solutions of BPM'Online to enable a high performing commercial organization. We make sure you have the right talents to prepare your commercial organization for the future. Think big, act small and implement agile. 

Pharma commercial excellence: Agile Strategic Account Management


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Pharma commercial excellence: Agile Strategic Account Management


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Out-of-the-box commercial excellence in pharma

Many pharma companies struggle to differentiate themselves from the competition and realize customers demand more than just their products and services. The future is to add more value and additionally contribute to the business results and business strategy of your pharma customers. This requires additional propositions, a different commercial process and new talents most often not available in the organization. Marketing, opportunity sales and strategic account management should work as one team, with one goal. Process automation is key to achieve commercial excellence with a high performing commercial organization. A business owned CRM implementation is essential in order to realize quantum leap performance improvements.

Why you should attend

Learn how to go beyond selling the functional value of your products and services and deliver additional business- and organizational value to your customers. Experience how practical commercial best-practices for Strategic Account Management are implemented in Salesforce and lead to commercial excellence out-of-the-box.


  • Customer value strategy
  • Strategic Account Management vs Sales Opportunity Management
  • Strategic Account Management in Salesforce
  • Questions


Later Event: August 15
Agile Account Management